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VHS to DVD is a subdivision of Mighty Media Productions.

VHS to DVD Wales is a trading style of Mighty Media Productions. We transfer VHS and most other tapes to DVD.

Did you know? The average lifespan of your video/camcorder tapes is around 15-20 years.

That means all your videos filmed before 2000 are in danger of being damaged, or lost forever. Technology is rapidly changing; it seems like only yesterday that VHS tapes were the best video quality that could ever exist. Fast-forward ahead a few years and most companies these days do not even manufacture tapes.  Let us help you transfer your priceless memories to DVD so they can live on for many more years to come.

We are a small, yet friendly and reliable business that specializes in the conversion of video stored on obsolete media to current DVD format. You will find our team is very personable and dependable dealing directly with you, for you. We can offer you this top of the line service because we are not a big-box chain like many competitors. All work we perform for you is completely confidential. Our work is done in-house, locally. We are able to convert most tape media such as hi8, Mini DV, VHS-C, and VHS to DVD (*some restrictions apply).

Terms of use:

We provide a straight one-to-one transfer service – transferring all footage from the videocassette to DVD. We cannot however transfer any copyrighted material such as recorded content from television or purchased media.

Any recordings made from your TV or purchased media will not be transferred and you will still be charged for the service.

While we endeavor to transfer videos to DVD and return them to you within 7 days, there are periods when we have a large intake of tapes and there may be a longer delivery period.

If your videos need to be converted in a specific time frame, or rushed please let us know in advance.

Mighty Media Productions takes no responsibility if your VHS becomes faulty while being transferred.

We do not accept responsibility once the videos have been posted back. If you would like special delivery there will be an additional postage charge for this.

All Gift and Discount Vouchers are exempt from being used on this service

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